Re: reorganize ADSM server layout

1997-12-10 15:32:08
Subject: Re: reorganize ADSM server layout
From: Beach Shelby <dcal20 AT SBEACH.TEALE.CA DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 12:32:08 -0800
>I have inherited ADSM within my company. I did not layout or plan any of
>its implementation, but now the task of tuning it to
>perform is mine. So, in looking at the way things were laid out, I think
>some fundamental reorganization would be beneficial.
>I wish to take advantage of some of the performace gains that I suppose I
>could make by moving some things around.
>So, I wish to move the layout/location of our disk storagepool volumes,
>db volumes and log volumes.

>I have supposed that I can do this the following way:
>1) dsmserv dumpdb  [dump database contents to tape]
> 6) dsmserv auditdb   [if suggested at end of step 5]


I've done this on our MVS ADSM server and would suspect that a similar
approach would work on your HP system.

In reality, you do not need to dump the data base and take ADSM down.
Assuming you have sufficient available disk space, you can simply add more
volumes to the data base, adjust the percentage of space that you wish to
actually use from the total amount of space and then take the old volumes
offline to ADSM. For example, if you have 500 MB currently allocated to
the DB, add another 500 MB, indicate that you wish to use 50% of the
assigned space and then take the original volumes offline to ADSM. ADSM
will move the data base around such that it occupies the new volumes and
frees up the space on the old volumes.

You can perform the same procedure for the recovery log.

ADSM's ability to do this on the fly without taking it down is really
quite impressive. I've reorganized my ADSM volumes on several occasions
using this approach.

Shelby Lynne Beach
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