reorganize ADSM server layout

1997-12-10 15:46:00
Subject: reorganize ADSM server layout
From: "Alexander, Robert" <ralexander AT SHL DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:46:00 -0600
Hello everyone. I have what I think is a simple task ahead of me, but I
thought I would see what you all thought-

I have inherited ADSM within my company. I did not layout or plan any of
its implementation, but now the task of tuning it to
perform is mine. So, in looking at the way things were laid out, I think
some fundamental reorganization would be beneficial.
I wish to take advantage of some of the performace gains that I suppose
I could make by moving some things around.
So, I wish to move the layout/location of our disk storagepool volumes,
db volumes and log volumes.

I have supposed that I can do this the following way:
1) dsmserv dumpdb  [dump database contents to tape]
2) dsmserv install      [install a new fresh DB]
3) define *NEW* dbvols and logvols for ADSM DB in the configuration that
I wish to have
4) define new storage pool layouts that I wish to have
5) dsmserv loaddb     [load db from tape created in step 1]
 6) dsmserv auditdb   [if suggested at end of step 5]

As long as my DB and LOG are a size eual to or greater than they are
now, won't this work correctly?
We have EMC disks and I know that a better layout of the files would
make them perform better...

What does everyone else think?
Am I missing something? Any pitfalls/suggestions from anyone who has
already done such a thing? All of our ADSM is
running on V2 HPUX server and clients.

Rob Alexander
ralexander AT shl DOT com
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