Data-Encryption for ADSM-Clients

1997-12-10 08:51:07
Subject: Data-Encryption for ADSM-Clients
From: Othmar Vojta <othmar.vojta AT TELECOM DOT AT>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:51:07 +0100
Two years ago, i asked for dataencryption for the ADSM-Client,
because it is not secure to transmit the data (for example Backup) over
telefon-line (from at home) to the ADSM-server (in a datacenter).
The built in datacompression is not the solution.

My question to the ADSM-development:
Are there intentions to implement a function "dataencryption" ?!
I have seen other ADSM-user having the same requests!
Under this circumstances it is hard to offer this service!

My question to the ADSM-Client responsibles:
Is there a usefull way to handle this problem?

Othmar Vojta
othmar.vojta AT telecom DOT at