Re: Data-Encryption for ADSM-Clients

1997-12-10 14:12:22
Subject: Re: Data-Encryption for ADSM-Clients
From: Steven P Roder <tkssteve AT ACSU.BUFFALO DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:12:22 -0500
On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Chris Zaremba wrote:
> Although it is on the requirements list, data encryption hasn't been a very
> high priority item
> for ADSM because there hasn't appeared to be a very large demand for it.  Is 
> it
> now a high priority
> requirement for many customers?

At the University at Buffalo, we would much rather see a Solaris X/86
client.  People here are looking to run unix variants on Intel platforms
as they are less expensive than Sun hardware.

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