Re: NT Long Filenames on Novell

1997-12-08 15:39:38
Subject: Re: NT Long Filenames on Novell
From: "Clendenny, Ronald D." <rdclendenny AT CAL.UE DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:39:38 -0600

The issue is not whether ADSM will restore the long names.  It will.
The problem is that the name you are presented under the Netware client
is an 8.3 name and bears little resemblance to the file name the user
gave you.

The two previous times this issue has come up in the list, IBM has
failed to provide a solution or even acknowledge a problem.  Do people
just not have data on Novell Netware?  Is this an unreasonable request?

Ron Clendenny
Callaway Nuclear Plant
Fulton, Missouri
<rdclendenny AT cal.ue DOT com>

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> From: Peter Thomas [SMTP:Peter_Thomas AT MANULIFE DOT COM]
> Sent: Monday, December 08, 1997 1:41 PM
> Subject:      Re: NT Long Filenames on Novell
> Virginia
> I'm certain that I did some testing months ago with long file names
> and Netware.
> I seem to remember that as long as the required Netware support was
> active (OS2
> Namespace), as long as you know the "short" name (since that is what
> actually uses as the main name of the file), when the file gets
> restored, the
> "long name" is also restored / created.
> My testing was done under both 3.1x and 4.10 version of Netware using
> V2.1
> client code.
> Peter T
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