Re: NT Long Filenames on Novell

1997-12-08 14:15:04
Subject: Re: NT Long Filenames on Novell
From: "Robinson, Cris" <Cris.Robinson AT LIBERTYMUTUAL DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:15:04 -0500
Make sure that you are running TSA410.NLM and TSANDS.NLM on the source
and target servers.
Make sure that Long file name ( also known as OS2 ) name space has been
loaded on the target server.
I have had pretty good success with long file name restores, mac, NT, 95

ADSM will truncate the long file names but will restore the long file
names upon restore. This DOES make it a pain in the neck when querying
backups or doing a restore. Hopefully IBM will see the light and change
Good luck

Cris Robinson
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> From: Virginia Hysock [SMTP:Virginia_L_Hysock AT CSC DOT COM]
> Sent: Monday, December 08, 1997 1:17 PM
> Subject:      NT Long Filenames on Novell
>      I've been looking through the list archives for information on
> how to
> overcome the problem
> of restoring NT long-named files on a Netware server; i.e. the names
> are
> truncated on backup
> to 8 characters.
>      I see quite a bit of conversation went on during 9/97, but have
> been
> unable to find a
> response or solution from anyone - including IBM.  Can I dig this up
> again?
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