gui defect ANS8001E:gui fade away

1997-12-03 10:30:43
Subject: gui defect ANS8001E:gui fade away
From: Ann Courchaine <acourcha AT CSC DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 10:30:43 -0500
I have the official answer from the support line: The client gui under the
adsm gui does not work. IBM recommends using the command line ADSMC.

Dsmerror.log  contains the following error multiple times over many days.
Is this why my gui just fades away?

12/02/97 09:51:54 ANS8001E Internal error in this graphical user interface.
 one of the following in the order listed:  1) close this window and reopen
2) close this object and reopen it  3) shut down this graphical user
interface a
nd restart it  4) save dsmerror.log residing in the directory specified by
LOG and contact your service representative for assistance.|Graphical User
face - Internal error
12/02/97 09:51:54 ansccom.c (4127): ConfirmWindow:  DeltaFunction failed.
RC =
12/02/97 09:51:54 anscsub.c ( 537): ConfirmWindow failed.  RC = 802
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