Re: reclaim off-site volumes

1997-12-02 14:26:19
Subject: Re: reclaim off-site volumes
From: "Sanders, David" <DSanders AT INTERNAL.MASSMUTUAL DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 14:26:19 -0500
On Monday, I sent the message at the bottom of the page.  I received
several suggestions, the one that I have been using is to do "move data
______".  Of the 500 moves that I have done, virtually all of them have
been successful, which means that these off-site volumes have been
regenerated copies of on-site volumes.  The question then is; why isn't
reclamation working when I set the reclaim=80 of a volume such as this:
               Volume Name: 731529
         Storage Pool Name: DISASTER_RECOVERY
         Device Class Name: VAULT
   Estimated Capacity (MB): 600.0
                     %Util: 0.2
             Volume Status: Filling
                    Access: Offsite
    Pct. Reclaimable Space: 99.8
           Scratch Volume?: Yes
           In Error State?: No
  Number of Writable Sides: 1
   Number of Times Mounted: 1
         Write Pass Number: 1
 Approx. Date Last Written: 08/16/1997 06:45:53
    Approx. Date Last Read: 08/16/1997 06:42:54
       Date Became Pending:
    Number of Write Errors: 0
     Number of Read Errors: 0

When reclamation starts up (and every time it recycles thru the
process), it produces a message about the above volume similarily to the
message shown below?????????????

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sanders, David
> Sent: Monday, December 01, 1997 10:04 AM
> To:   'ADSM list'
> Subject:      reclaim off-site volumes
> While doing an offsite, copypool reclamation, I get pages-worth of an
> ANR1163W message.  The help for this message is:
> BE
> EXPLANATION:  During processing of a MOVE DATA command or reclamation,
> the
> server determined that the indicated offsite volume contained one or
> more
> files
> that could not be moved.  One or more files could not be copied from
> the
> other
> available volumes.
> USER RESPONSE:  Check for messages indicating reasons why files could
> not
> be
> moved.  To complete the move operation, you have several options:
> o   Bring the volume back on site and reissue a MOVE DATA command to
> reclaim
> the volume.
> o   Make the primary volumes available and reissue a MOVE DATA command
> to
> reclaim the volume.
> o   Delete the files by using the DELETE VOLUME command.
> Following the recommended USER RESPONSEs I;
>         1) I don't think that I'm supposed to be required to bring a
> volume
> back
> from offsite to reclaim (move data).
>         2) How do I find out what the "primary volumes" are so that I
> can make
> them available?
>         3) If I DELETE VOLUME, would I end up "losing" files or would
> the
> copypool
> be regenerated from within the primary pool via ADSM-magic?
> In short, how do I get 2 copies (on-site primary & off-site copy pool)
> and
> make sure that they are in sync??
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