nodename option

1994-08-30 20:28:48
Subject: nodename option
From: "Del Hoobler (852-1487)" <hoobler AT VNET.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 20:28:48 EDT
>One of our UNIX sysadmins had been backing up her data on machine A.  She then
>changed the name of that machine to B, and registered the new name to ADSM,
>and started backing up the data from B.  Now she needs to get back a file from
>the backup of A.

>Is there a way to allow this to happen without her having to change the name
>of B back to A?


Yes, there is a very easy way.  Take a look at the "NODENAME" option.
You can kick off the client with the "-nodename=" option
and you will start a session with the server as that node.
For example:   "dsm"

Using this method you will be prompted for the password.  If you
forgot what the password was, you will have to have your ADSM administrator
reset it.

Good luck!

Del Hoobler
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