1. BackupPlan

    IBM Spectrum Protect Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Spectrum Protect to Google Cloud Platform via rclone

    I'm new here, and have mostly come to learn from those with significant TSM experience. I'm fairly new to TSM, and can't contribute much on that regard here yet, but wanted to take the opportunity to contribute where I can, especially as seeing this Google Cloud Platform sub forum doesn't have a...
  2. T

    Cannot delete SP DB Snapshots made to IBM COS.

    Hi, I'm trying to delete a connection made from a IBM SP Server to IBM COS for a Proof of Concept activity but I'm stuck with a DB Snapshot test we've made. The volumes don`t seem to be deleted using delete volhistory command, so it won't let me delete the devclass nor the connection. There is...
  3. Mita201

    AWS S3 Glacier as target for Cloud Container Pool

    Hi, Is it supported to use AWS S3 Glacier as a target for ISP Cloud Container Pool, that will be used for protecting on-site container pool? Any experience with such configuration?