Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design” (PbD) is a concept that has been championed since 1997 by Ann Cavoukian, the former information and privacy commissioner of Ontario, Canada to address the ever-growing and systemic effects of Information and Communication Technologies, and of large-scale networked data systems. Privacy by Design advances the view that the future of privacy cannot be assured solely by compliance with regulatory frameworks; rather, privacy assurance must ideally become an organization’s default mode of operation. The concept refers to applying the areas of information technology, accountable business practice, and physical design to the following seven principles: 1. Proactive not reactive; Preventative not remedial 2. Privacy as the default setting 3. Privacy embedded into design 4. Full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum 5. End-to-end security – full lifecycle protection 6. Visibility and transparency – keep it open 7. Respect for user privacy – keep it user-centric