[Veritas-bu] Netbackup change image expiry date

2001-10-10 16:45:16
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Netbackup change image expiry date
From: Tim.McMurphy AT telus DOT com (Tim McMurphy)
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:45:16 -0600
Changing Expriation Date

To change the off-site tapes expiration date from 3 months to 1 year from
the original backup date you can use one of 2 methods. The first is the
easiest and works for our setup because we want all images on a media to be
extended. If you want to do just one image on a media then you can use
second method.

Method 1) - All Images on a Media

bpexpdate  -ev  <media ID>  -d  <new expiration date>
# bpexpdate  -ev  003363  -d  03/25/2002

Method 2) - A Single Image on a Media

The following three steps describe changing the retention level or
expiration date on duplicate images.

1) Make the duplicate image the primary copy to work with:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpduplicate -npc 2 -backupid <image name>

2) Set a new expiration date for the duplicate image:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -recalculate -d <new date and
time> -backupid <image name>


Change the retention level for the image:

bpexpdate -recalculate -ret <new retention level> -backupid <image name>

3) Change the primary copy back to the original image:
bpduplicate -npc 1 -backupid <image name>

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Netbackup change image expiry date

I have files, that have a retention date of 2 yrs, and would like to change
the expiry date of the ones that are about to
expiry.  Is this possible to do this? command/s ?.  I am assuming it will
modify the catalog entry?
... what affect will this have on the tape contents if any?
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