[NV-L] Incorrect bandwidth data above 100MB

2010-09-08 13:46:00
Subject: [NV-L] Incorrect bandwidth data above 100MB
From: Marcelo Zacchi <mzacchi AT gmail DOT com>
To: Tivoli NetView Discussions <nv-l AT lists.ca.ibm DOT com>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 14:44:48 -0300
Hello all!

I am having an enormous problem with a customer that has recently upgraded some of his links from 100MB to 200MB. That, of course, should not be a problem to Netview (7.1.5 FP4, using nvPollerd/nvCollectord), but it is! I have noticed, after a lot of analysis, that the data is all well until the link reaches utilization above 100mb (see attached images - they are in different timezones). Has anyone seen this?

Best regards,
Marcelo Zacchi

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