RE: [NV-L] Thresholding on a mixed table of data?

2008-02-08 14:01:57
Subject: RE: [NV-L] Thresholding on a mixed table of data?
From: James Shanks <jshanks AT us.ibm DOT com>
To: Tivoli NetView Discussions <nv-l AT lists.ca.ibm DOT com>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 14:02:30 -0500

You are right at the limits of what NetView can and cannot do in both

(1) Map status is designed to be netmon's status and things get
unpredictable when you start monkeying with it.   So we generally advise
customers not to try to alter the map status of an object.  And the
interface is so old that I am not certain that it will work if you are
using the web client and he has the read-write map open.

But having said that, if you want to try it  then it will take some doing.
First, you would have to use a different pair of Threshold arm and rearm
traps in your collections.  You can pick any specific number you want.  We
have always recommend something in the range of 1001- 1099 for customer
use.  snmpCollect will issue the same  tarps he does now, but with your
specific ids instead of the defaults.Then you would use xnmtrap to copy the
definitions for  58720263 (Threshold arm) and 58720264  (Threshold rearm)
and give the copies unique names.  In the copy you would change the
specific id to whatever you chose snmpCollect to send, and change it to be
have a defined Status rather than "Default Status".

That sounds simple enough but my recollection is that the API to alter the
map status (and it will not alter the actual status in the databases)
requires that there be a read-write map open which has nvevents running
when the trap comes in.  Since netviewd does not run nvevents, then you'd
have to have some user logged in with the read-write GUI open all the time.

A more complicated but perhaps more reliable solution would be to use a
ruleset to capture that trap which actually changes the status in the
But I won't go into details here.  Are you sure you want to do this?

Perhaps the best thing I can say is that because this was never intended to
be a feature of NetView, it was never implemented in an off-the shelf
manner.  IBM Tivoli Network Manager, the replacement product for NetView,
however, was designed to do this right out of the box, but it is a bigger,
more expensive solution for most customers.

(2) The only way to permanently alter the way that xnmgraph works is to
edit /usr/OV/app-defaults/XNm   and restart the GUI.  You may also have to
log out and back in, or try issuing
      xrdb -load  /usr/OV/app-defaults/XNm
after you have changed it.   The problem is that if you cannot find an
Xresource with a default value you can change in the XNm file, then the
resource you want is not externalized and you will simply have to alter the
graph properties every time you use it.

Alternatively you can get something like MRTG off the web and construct
graphs with that.  The NetView real time grapher has much more severe


James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Network Availability Management
Network Management - Development
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp

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Ok I have my thresholding working. Thanks James…?

I do have another couple question thoughs.

   1. I am getting a threshold alert in the console, but my node in the map
      continues to display green. How can I get the map to show the
      threshold status?
   2. How do you save graph configurations. I set up my line configuration
      and time intervals, but the changes are not retained.


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