[NV-L] Seed File discovery

2007-06-21 07:11:56
Subject: [NV-L] Seed File discovery
From: "sudha g" <sudha.unix AT gmail DOT com>
To: "Tivoli NetView Discussions" <nv-l AT lists.ca.ibm DOT com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 16:40:30 +0530
Currently the auto-discover feature of Netview discovers some unwanted list of IP's and Hostnames. I have a list of IP's and need to discover only those. I know this can be done via seed file, but having few doubts,
1. Do i need to clear the databases before implementing the new seed file?
    smit nv6000
    Maintain-->clear databases
2. When launching the see editor via launch_seededit, can we give the list of hostnames we need to discover in Set initial Discovery
3. Do we need to give anything in Limit Discovery--Limit by IP address?
4. How long it will take (say example 500 nodes) to discover approxiamtely?
5. After discovering, i need to classify the network elements for 4 locations via mapping.
    say, i have 4 locations A,B,C,D and i need to put corresponding network elements in their locations.
    If i click location A, it should show only the network elements of location A, like that for each locations
6. Then anyone have India map for netview. I tried to import few maps, but itz not recognising.
    How to import India Map in netview?. Do you have any image to import the same?.
Thanks in advance for any valuable inputs.
- sudhakar gandhi
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