[NV-L] SNMP Datacollection

2006-08-29 07:36:52
Subject: [NV-L] SNMP Datacollection
From: "ajith kumar" <ajithkumar007 AT gmail DOT com>
To: NV-L AT lists.ca.ibm DOT com
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 15:27:27 +0400
Hi List,
We have configured Netview with MS-SQL 2000 to collect data... We have over 1000 plus nodes discoverd and displayed on the netview topology map... and close to 100 routers ...
But when we check the MS-SQL database table uptimesummarytable we see only 225 odd list and in the snmpcollectdata table we see only around 27 distinct ipaddress data..
Pls let me know how to get the full list.  
Thanks in advance.
Best Rgds
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