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2006-02-09 09:48:30
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Lotus Domino
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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 09:47:54 -0500
Monitor it how?  You can configure servmon to monitor anything if you know
what ports you want sniffed.  But Tivoli's official answer is ITM.  They
have a special add-on for that which does a lot more than just tell whether
the ports are active.   You might want to ask your marketing folks about

If you know your Domino servers already, and have SNMP access to them, then
you could get snmpCollect to collect traffic stats from them, and to send
traps when thresholds are exceeded.

You could even rig up a "quick and dirty" monitoring scheme by adding a
fields file for a new field, call it "isDominoServer", run ovw_fields to
include it in the database, use nvdbimport to add it to a list of devices
which you already know are servers, and create a smartset for them.  You
could also create a ruleset which, when It got a Node Down, would check to
see whether this was in the smartset or had the field set, and if so, take
some action, like send a page or an e-mail.

James Shanks
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        Is it possible to configure NetView to monitor Lotus Domino Server?

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