RE: [nv-l] Availability Scewed

2005-09-20 15:56:35
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Availability Scewed
From: "TOFFLEMIRE, Jay" <jay AT mccain DOT ca>
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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 16:55:56 -0300
Thank-you Leslie. It appears the iptimer utility has the ability to clear all up time data.

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Availability Scewed

Hi, Jay. I'm not an expert on this aspect of it, but I suspect that you will have to clear the event history in the event database to reset the availability counters.  From the manual, it appears that it is all based on the events (up/down events).


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[nv-l] Availability Scewed

I have a number of routers showing up with very messed up availability data, or no data at all, is there a method to reset the availability data for a node?
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