[nv-l] ITSA 1.3 and Cisco 3750 L3 switch

2005-09-13 16:59:10
Subject: [nv-l] ITSA 1.3 and Cisco 3750 L3 switch
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry AT skills-1st.co DOT uk>
To: NetView mailing list <nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 21:58:23 +0100
NetView 7.1.4 FP3 on SLES 9.

Does anyone have a solution to use IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer (ITSA) 1.3 with a Cisco 3750 L3 switch? The ITSA Problem Determination guide explicitly indicates that there is an issue discovering the L2 part of a 3750 and documents this as to be fixed in a later version. It also says that there is an APAR that helps this issue with a Catalyst 6509.
Does anyone have an update / fix / workaround to get ITSA working with a
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