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2005-09-09 13:53:46
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Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 13:53:24 -0400

What Web Console are you referring to ? NetView's or TEC's ? Or are you talking about the Tivoli Desktop (Framework's GUI) ?

The NetView Web Console does not have anything to do with RDBMS, RIM, or Framework (MNs and TMRs).

The error message you provided does not look like a NetView Web Console error....can you provide more details about how you are starting the console and what you see......tell us what you do or type to at least get the sign-in prompt of the console that you're referring to.

What is the Oracle database for.......do you have TEC....are you trying to setup a RIM object for TEC ?? If not, why are you trying to setup a RIM object....who is it for ?

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[nv-l] Web Console - RDBMS

Hi, Everybody.
I have two question,,

1. I have installed Netview 7.1.4 for AIX and is a MN
of my TMR. Whe i try to login to the Web Console it
said this
FRWUL0107E Could not sign on. Check all entries.-

2. I have to create the rim object, right now i have
do it. I want to knwo if I understood correctly what i
have to do.
  I have to create a DB in the Oracle server, I have
to assing rights and user to that DB. ( the oracle
server is not a MN)
   After that i to install the oracle client for
linux in my TMR server ( chi27 - that is a SuSe
  And after all of this I have to create the RIM
object with
wcrtrim -v Oracle -h chi27  -d tivworld -u tivoli -H
/ora/drm/2/ORACLE -s tivdb.world tiv_usina

Thks. -



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