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2005-05-20 10:11:56
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Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 19:42:33 +0530
Thank you  James for your valuable information 
The trapd.log was full it was of clog message I am planning  to stop this
clog message been forwarded to the NMS ,any suggestions are welcomed
With regards,

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The event is TEC may have a harmless severity, but it indicates a serious
problem in NetView.

You will need to examine what is going on with your Netview installation
and involve Support if that is appropriate.
The message means that some NetView process connected to the trapd daemon
for the purpose of receiving and processing traps, got hung or was so far
behind in processing the traps queued to it, that its queue reached maximum
size (by default 2000 events), and so trapd disconnected it rather than let
it consume any more storage for queue space.  This is a "should not occur"
condition which indicates either a problem with the disconnected process or
a trap storm of such magnitude that it overwhelmed the NetView box.  You
will need to investigate and take steps to resolve the problem.   At the
bare minimum you will need to log into NetView and see if any processes are
down (ovstatus) and restart them.  Then go to their logs and the trapd.log
and see if you can determine what the source of the problem is.  If you are
puzzled by any of this, then please contact IBM NetView Support.

James Shanks
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Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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Hi List,

I am running netview server 7.1.4 on windows it is integrated to TEC in the
TEC console we are receiving a harmless event .the message- netmon-related
Application reached maximum number of outstanding events, disconnecting
from trapd.do any one has a previous experience on it please share your

Thanks in advance

With regards

Praveen Kumar

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