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2005-05-05 14:20:20
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The Syntax can't be wrong coz i am using the same syntax to probe for other services as well , i jsut have changed the ports.!! I'll put the syntax here jsut for your reference :



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Re: [nv-l] Service Monitor

Servmon ought to do this just fine - I have used it to monitor all sorts
of ports.  servmon doesn't check what is listening on your port 5108 -
just checks that it can connect to it.  Are you sure you have the
correct syntax in servmon.conf and have you stopped and started the
servmon daemon?  Check /usr/OV/log/servmon.log to see what is going on.

usman.taokeer AT s-iii DOT com wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a custom made application which resides on a server, it has a
> "listener" service running on it on a port (5108). Can i use servmon
> to monitor that port for status updates whether the "listener" service
> is "Up" or "down" ? I tried but it only works with standard services
> like HTTP 80,8080 etc. I didn't detect the service on that Port. How
> can i monitor that service on Port 5108 using "Servmon"? I am using
> NetView 7.1.4 with FP3 on Windows.
> Regards,
> Usman Taokeer
> Associate Network Architect
> Si^3

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