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2005-02-15 11:44:10
Subject: Re: [nv-l] using c_arf2srf
From: Mark Sklenarik <marksk AT us.ibm DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:43:28 -0500

First, I would not recommend placing the update in the registration files provided by NetView, our changes will not be migrated forward automatically, if you every upgrade NetView in the future. The change is saved, but you would have to manually update configuration. It is recommend that you create a separate file and place it in /usr/OV/registration/C/ directory.

Here is a sample of the one I created to do the same thing.  I have not yet attempted to get it configured in the security portion of NetView .  In this font are the changes I made to registration file after pulling it out of /usr/OV/registration/C/ovhpux/NNM-HPUX.rsam, I also removed everything that was not required specifically for ssh xterm to work.  

Application 'SSH Menu '
    Description {

    Version '7.1.4';

    Copyright {
      '  NetView Integrated TCP/IP Services Component',

    Command -Shared '${xnmappmon:-/usr/OV/bin/xnmappmon}';

    MenuBar "Administer"
        <52>    "ssh Remote"        _D  f.action 'sshremote';

/******* Popups ***/

        <100>   "Edit"          _E              f.menu P_Edit;
        <100>   "View"          _V              f.menu P_View;
        <100>   "Options"       _p              f.menu P_Options;
        <100>   "Monitor"       _M              f.menu P_Monitor;
        <100>   "Test"          _T              f.menu P_Test;
        <100>   "Tools"         _o              f.menu P_Tools;
        <100>   "Administer"    _A              f.menu P_Administer;

    Menu P_Administer
        <52>    "ssh remote"        _D  f.action 'sshremote';

    Action 'sshremote' {
        MinSelected     1;
        MaxSelected     1;
        SelectionRule   ( isNode ) ;
        NameField       'IP Hostname', 'IP Address', 'Selection Name';
        Command         '${xterm:-/usr/OV/bin/ovwRunXterm /usr/bin/X11/xterm} -T
 \"SSH (xterm) to ${OVwSelection1}\" -name \"XNmterm\"  -xrm \"XNmterm*iconNa
me: ${OVwSelection1}\" -e \"/usr/bin/ssh ${OVwSelection1}\" >/dev/null 2>&1';

Mark F Sklenarik,  IBM SWG Tivoli Solutions ,  Quality Assurance

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02/15/2005 11:21 AM
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[nv-l] using c_arf2srf

Hello Everyone.
NV 7.1.4 and AIX 5.2 ML4

I added an SSH menu option under the Administer menu with some difficulty.

I updated the /usr/OV/registration/C/ovhpux/NNM-HPUX.rsam file to add a new "Administer" menu option for SSH. Then I ran the ovw -verify command to check syntax. And finally, I ran the c_arf2srf to register the menu with NetView security. The menu entry was added to the /usr/OV/security/C/Domains/registration/NNM-HPUX.rsam file but it was not added to the NNM_HPUX.rsam files for each security group like SrAdmin and Oper.

I repeated this several times and I reset nvsecd in between each attempt.

So I manually updated each NNM-HPUX.rsam group file and it now works.

What this the correct method?

Ray Westphal
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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