Re: [nv-l] Nv 7.1.4 Installation

2004-09-27 09:23:14
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Nv 7.1.4 Installation
From: Paul <pstroud AT bellsouth DOT net>
To: nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 09:15:30 -0400
You must be root to install NetView and root to run it.


Zoeckler, Eric A. wrote:

Does Netview have to be installed at the root? I have heard that Netview has problems when not installed at the root. However, I have been unable to find docs to indicate this. Those here responsible for the server and "standard" file system setup, are requesting that I install netview in a subdirectory of the root. Any thoughts on this?

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