[nv-l] SNMP Traps via Cisco VRF

2004-08-17 09:04:05
Subject: [nv-l] SNMP Traps via Cisco VRF
From: Christian Frantsen <cfrantse AT csc DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 14:53:55 +0200


I have a Cisco based VPNsetup where the routers use the global routing table to route IPSEC traffic and a customer routing table (VRF) to handle the unencrypted traffic.
Now I have to send SNMP traps from the customer VRF to my Netview server, this is accomplished by configuring the router with the following:

snmp-server hosts x.x.x.x vrf customer-vrf community

So far this works, but all traps I get to my netview server are malformed. Here is an example of a TTY trap, ( = agent, = Netview server)

Notice that the Netview servers IP is inserted where the agent IP should be (along with a big bunch of crap :-)) and there looks to be some numbers missing in the OID string. >  C=xxxxxxxx Trap(35)  . [inetaddr len!=4] enterpriseSpecific[specific-trap(1)!=0] 475917428[|snmp]

This is the correct version of the same trap >  C=xxxxxxxx Trap(35)  . enterpriseSpecific[specific-trap(1)!=0] 2585148274 .1.3=[|snmp]

IOS version is 12.3(6), so it's quite new.

I searched Cisco's site but haven't found anything useful yet.
Has anyone worked with a similar setup and gotten this to work?

Christian Frantsen
Network Engineering Services
CSC Sweden, Jonkoping

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