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2004-08-09 14:33:53
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Loading MIBS
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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:23:11 -0400

Loading MIBs does NOT define traps.
You have to find the MIBs which contain either TRAP-TYPE (SNMP V1) or NOTIFICATION-TYPE (SNMP V2) statements and run mib2trap on them.   The output of mib2trap is an addtrap script and optionally a baroc file to use with TEC.  When mib2trap is finished, you execute the addtrap scripts and this defines the traps to trapd.conf.  But they will all be added as "Log Only" by default, so you may want to edit the addtrap script before you run it or trapd.conf, using xnmtrap, afterward.    See the mib2trap man page for more details.

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[nv-l] Loading MIBS

Hi All,
         I am currently sending traps from Cisco's Ip Telephony
Environment Montior (ITEM) and I loaded the following mibs on Netview:

My problem is that all the traps received are coming accross as a
tcpConnectionClose trap..  Is there something more that I need to do to get
these defined correctly.

Thanks, Dave

AIX 5.1

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