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2004-07-22 09:56:54
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Multiple map and events windows question
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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 09:25:20 -0400

Another view is that OVXECHO and OVXBEEP are not really implemented in NetView but provided as samples/tools in extension of X-Windows.  Nothing in the product function exploits these two toys (tools).  In the Windows version of NetView the similar tool provided is "NVPLAY" which will open an alarm window and play a .WAV file. 

The other advantage you get using an X-console is that your userid is easily available at the Unix system.  To find out who is logged onto the Web Console is a little harder. (Browser sessions may not count here, I avoid them.)

·       The userids and IP addresses are available in /usr/OV/www/logs/yyyy-mm-dd.request.log files. 
·       Remote execution facilities (REXEC, SSH) will allow you to execute procedures at a Windows workstation. A simple execution of "Net Send 'Hello World'" at a windows workstation will send a note to everyone on the domain.  "Net send userid 'Hello World'" will hit one machine.  


Bill Evans

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 I can only partially agree. There are several things missing in Wb client,

but particulary imporatant  thing missing in Web client is alarms.

Operators have multiple other duties and they don't watch NetView all the

time, so that issue is solved with (number of) scripts and rulesets

triggering alarms (ovxbeep and ovxecho) to X-servers on Windows working as

NetView console. Thats is pretty complicated, but it's works. I would find

it even more complicated to issue alarms to NetView Web Console.

Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are some alarms possibilities in Web

Console I'm not aware of?