RE: [nv-l] Iintegration of HECL DirecWAY with Tivoli Netview

2004-07-20 03:10:21
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Iintegration of HECL DirecWAY with Tivoli Netview
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 11:30:36 +0530
Hello James,
We are not seeing any event neither in trapd.log nor in trapd.trace. I have 
already enabled -x option ( it says.. UDP socket is already in use.)
Through -T option, toggling has been enabled and there is no event/message in 
trapd.trace file.
The snmp trap from the DirectWay NMS (ip address is coming on 
our NetView server (ip address on 162 port that we have seen 
using sniffer. Also, there is no firewall in between.
Can you suggest, what all are required to be configured at NetView level to get 
 the snmp trapds? Is any particular mibs to be loaded?
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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Iintegration of HECL DirecWAY with Tivoli Netview

If you are not seeing traps, in the trapd.log, nor any messages about invalid 
traps, then your DircetWay box is not sending them, period. 
There is no way that trapd can get a trap and not log it or issue an error 

You can get him to trace everything that he sees by first configuring trapd to 
run with the -x option, (hex dump all packets), using serversetup, and then 
toggling the trace off and on with "trapd -T" from the command line.  But to 
really prove that nothing is coming in on port 162 udp, you will need to get an 

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[nv-l] Iintegration of HECL DirecWAY with Tivoli Netview


Hello Everybody,

We are having Tivoli NetView(7.1.3) on AIX 4.3.3.

Recently we installed HECL DirecWAY to monitor our VSATs (DPUs). These 
VSATs(DPUs) are SNMP compliant but can not by pass HECL DirecWAY NMS. This 
NMS(DirecWAY ) has been installed on HP platform and is collected information 
about the status of VSATs(DPU). 

Now, we wanted to integrate DirecWAY with our Tivoli NetView.

This NMs(DirecWAY) is also configured to send traps to NetView server. But we 
are not getting these traps in trapd.log.

Ideally, we wanted these traps on TEC so that we can execute some TEC rules as 
per our requirement.

Any idea how to achieve this?