RE: [nv-l] Need monitoring advice

2004-07-16 17:35:55
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Need monitoring advice
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I agree. We have a large ATM network, and we do not poll the remote routers - we use the incoming link up / link down traps from the local side routers. We do poll the local side routers to make sure they are up of course. Even with that, I think you would be okay polling them for status on a 5 minute interval - with SNMP or with pings.

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Thanks for the info Stephen.....and yes we are planning to setup the sending and reception of SNMP traps....but it will be awhile before I can get to it.
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Isn't a ping only 52 bytes, and a response slightly larger?

I always think that a greater question is if you have(or will) enabled SNMP traps from those devices to NetView.

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