[nv-l] demandpoll hangs and zooming problem

2004-07-16 13:15:23
Subject: [nv-l] demandpoll hangs and zooming problem
From: "Καστανιώτης Ν. Σπυρίδων" <kastansp AT mopo DOT gr>
To: <nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 20:02:40 +0300
Hi all!
The following problems are applied to the following configuration of my
AIX ver. 5.2, IBM RS/2000
Tivoli NetView ver. 7.1.4

There are two problems (1, 2)  mentioned below:
1) Demandpoll hangs either by using the GUI of netview (selecting a
gateway/router and Test->Demand Poll) or the unix shell (nmdemandpoll). The
program at startup polls and finds the network devices (by using the netmon
seed file) but after a while (not even a minute) it stops looking for
changes in the network. It seems to be dead, since it may change to the real
state of a router's interface after a whole day. Ping  works but the map
itself is not updated with the current state of the pinged element.

1.1) I disabled all the startup searching attempts, by unchecking all the
fields of the box appearing using the menu item Options->Topology/Status
Polling Intervals:IP... . Doing that, i managed to demand poll some network
devices (up to 7 succesful attempts) and then the demand poll utility hung
once more. Although i achieved to do a succesful session of  demand polls,
the map wasn't updated with the right statuses (the ping is always working).
I had a look at the database (ovtopodump <interface name>) and i show that
the base wasn't updated either. After 5 minutes (almost) the base was
updated and the map too. I've used the -topas- aix utility to see the system
resources and all looked fined (disk&memory utility, paging, cpu utilization
by processes). I also cheched the system using -netstat -a- and i saw that
there was a lot of socket connections established at high ports (e.g. 37659)
between my netview server machine. Is it possible and normal? All this time,
netmon didn't seem to be busy (looking at topas screen).

1.2) Cheching DNS operations, all seems to be ok. The network is
approximately consisted of 5000 nodes and checking DNS service at some main
of them i had no problem or malfunction. I have set the cache parameter to
10000 nodes in netview program.


2) The GUI doesn't start up with zooming capability, although i have set the
zooming factor (not scaling) for the default map of the network. Sometimes,
if i forced it to open the IP Internet icon very fast (while loading other
modules of the GUI) i managed to have zooming facility fully working. It
must not be a system resource matter (is it?). It must be noted that when
the demand poll worked (just for a while as i mentioned in 1.1) i always had
zoom GUI functionality. Again, when i disable all the
Options->Topology/Status Polling Intervals:IP..., zooming is mostly
activated (90% possibilities).

I have tried a lot of times the ovtopofix command but in vain. Nothing
corrected at all.

Does  anybody can think something about these two problems?

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation,


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