Re: [nv-l] Netview Integration with SAN Manager, SNMP Research & Optivity

2004-07-14 02:24:38
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Netview Integration with SAN Manager, SNMP Research & Optivity
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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 09:07:55 +0300
James has right but NetView is installed in standallone version so if you want to install later NetView client you have to choose to install manually NetView in Sever mode
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Lucian Vanghele,
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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Netview Integration with SAN Manager, SNMP Research & Optivity

Well, first  you need to understand that Tivoli SAN Manager installs NetView for Windows, so if you do #2, you also have done #1.  They are not separate steps.  When you say in #1, that you want RDBMS support I assume you means either SQL Server or Jet (Access) since those are the only two RDBMS that NetView for Windows natively supports.

3.Yes, there is a Windows version of ITSA.

4.  There is an SNMP Research Security pack for Windows.  They supply the documentation for it.

5.  I really cannot answer this, but I am confused when you say that you would have to disable the Trap Service.  Why?  Does Optivity not use it on Windows?  The point of the MS Trap Service is that if all applications on the box use it, then they can all share the traps directly.  But if you need to have Optivity get them first and forward them to NetView, you can do that too.  It's not particularly simple but NetView can be configured to run without the Trap Services on Windows, though you'd need to get a procedure from Support -- it's not documented in the product itself at this time.  But assuming that the Optivity integration is just traps, you could also do the same thing if you have Optivity on another box.  So you are basically going to have to define what "integrate" means here, and decide just what you want to accomplish.   I've never seen Optivity on Windows, only on UNIX, and all that the integration there provided was that Optivity got external traps first and forwarded them to NetView, as if Optivity were an MLM.  

If you are looking for a cook book for all this, I can tell you right now that there isn't one.  And I don't know of anyone who knows the performance implications of putting all this on one Windows box, no matter how big it is.  

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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[nv-l] Netview Integration with SAN Manager, SNMP Research & Optivity

Hi All,

Netview on Windows

Could anyone please advise if the following solution
would work or other possible options.

1) Install Netview 7.1.4 with FP1 onto W2K with RDBMS

2) Install Tivoli SAN Manager onto NV 7.1.4.

3) Install Switch Analyzer 1.2

4) Install SNMP Research - Security Pack for SNMPv3
support onto the same server (does anyone have any
supporting documentation for this).

5) Install Nortel Optivity 10.2 onto the Netview
server. I understand that to resolve a conflict with
Optivity and Netview I would need to disable the
Windows trap service. How would disabling the Windows
trap service affect trap management for printers and
other devices that are networked and are SNMP
supported? Could I install Optivity onto a seperate
machine and still integrate it with Netview?

Thanks & Kind Regards,

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