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2004-05-31 20:32:00
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Unix Clients User Roles
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Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 20:21:27 -0400

I think you're trying to mix up two different concepts; Unix operators and NetView operators.  NetView has two different security mechanisms; one each for Web Console and the classic console. 


The web console lets you customize what functions are performed by a couple levels of operator. 


Activation of the classic security mechanism is optional.  If it is activated you can identify different levels of capability by NetView subapplication by class. 


Neither one is related to the Unix super-user capability which is independent of the NetView mechanism. 


The details are in the Administrator's Guide. 


Bill Evans
Tivoli NetView Support for DOE

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Hi Folks,

I am on SOLARIS 9, NV7.1.3 Fixpack2


Q1: how can I achieve the following for the NV UNIX client? my intent is to launch the client using xterm (xhosts)  or exceed.

  1- One user called "superuser" who will be able to perform superuser Roles similar to the ones in the Web-Console Security.

  2- One called "operator" who will be able to perform operator Roles similar to the ones in the Web-Console Security.


Q2: - I also had in mind to create several non-root accounts and would like to do the same as in Q1 on the NV Unix Client. How can I achieve this?




Thank You,


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