RE: [nv-l] I want an easy move of NetView from AIX to Solaris

2004-05-19 16:33:14
Subject: RE: [nv-l] I want an easy move of NetView from AIX to Solaris
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Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 15:23:32 -0500

        Thanks for the info (and the fine public-spirit).  And thanks to the 
others here who have responded so quickly already as well.  I will collect 
everyone's suggestions and probably use them all as I move forward.

        I downloaded the perl script but am having trouble getting the output.  

        I ran the ovmapdump -v and directed the output to a cleverly named file 
in /tmp.  Then I ran the build_location_conf_pl /tmp/dump.tom and got the 
screen messages that indicate successful completion.  But I can't find the new 
location.conf.  I thought it might overwrite my old one, but no.

        What am I doing wrong?  Thanks again to all, Tom G.

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Hi Tom,
Please see inserts - and good luck!

Tom.Gebhart AT conagrafoods DOT com wrote:

> Greetings all,
> We are planning to move our NetView (currently v7.1.2 on AIX 4.3.3, 
> ml10) to a new server.  The current server can't support AIX 5.x.
> The new server will be Solaris 2.8.  I would like to upgrade NetView 
> to v7.1.4 at the same time.  I have a case open with support for 
> help/advice but would like to get this group's help/advice as well.
>         Q1 - Has anyone ever (successfully) migrated their databases 
> from AIX to Solaris?  We have a lot of ipmap customizing that I would 
> like to keep in tact if possible.
I believe you have at least half a chance with moving your NetView 
database from AIX to Solaris - that's the only good possibility between 
different architectures - never actually tried it though...

>         Q2 - Would location.conf be any help if new discovery is 
> required?  I can't find any doc on how to create a location.conf of my 
> current ipmap short of the tool some people call "vi" (I call it lots 
> of other things whenever I have to use it).
If you can't get your databases over, I'd  make sure I took netmon.seed, 
location.conf and lots of the other files in /usr/OV/conf.  Your loaded 
up MIBs are in snmpmib / snmpmib.bin / snmpmib2 / snmpmib2.bin.  Your 
SNMP data collection info is in snmpCol.conf and make sure you take 
mibExpr.conf if you use MIB expressions.  If you use rulesets take the 
conf/rulesets directory and ESE.automation.  Take communityNames.conf 
and ovsnmp.conf.  Also take your oid_to_type and oid_to_sym (from 
conf/C) if you have done customisation of them.  Take your TEC adapter 
file, tecint.conf if you use that and take your trap customisation file 
from C/trapd.conf.

If you don't have  a location.conf there is a sample script on the 
NetView Tivoli User Group website (donated by a public-spirited 
citizen!) which creates a location.conf from your current 
configuration.  You will need to register on this website to download 
but you should be able to inspect it easily at

>         Q3 - I could upgrade to v7.1.3 plus fixpack vice v7.1.4 plus 
> fixpack.  Any reason to NOT go with v7.1.4 on Solaris?
Don't know of any reasons not to go to 7.1.4.  I've also had the 7.1.4 
Fixpack 1 on my Solaris box for a week now and not found any new 
glitches - some of the new servmon / itmquery stuff has been fixed in 
the Fixpack.

> Thanks in advance for any and all comments, Tom G.
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