RE: [nv-l] Node Status after Discovery

2004-05-13 11:49:26
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Node Status after Discovery
From: Meyos Yemveng <yemveng AT yahoo DOT ca>
To: nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:38:19 -0400 (EDT)
Thanks Bill,
I have created  a smartset for all "IP Status ~ Unmanaged" and individually managed each of them .... stopped and restarted Netview to give a chance to all process to re-init.
But to my big surprise, there is no Nodes in the "IP Status ~ Unmanaged" Smartset, but other smartset show blue icons still ....


Q1: Any Ideas?

Q2: Where ? in what file do one check or uncheck "discover as unmanaged status"?

Q3: Is deleting All log files (all files in the /log directory) when clearing the DBase be an Issue?

"Evans, Bill" <Bill.Evans AT hq.doe DOT gov> wrote:

Blue is "unknown".  You probably have the flag set for "discover as unmanaged status".   They will not change from "Unmanaged" until you manage them.  The easy way is to create a smartest for all "IP Status ~ Unmanaged", select all and manage them.  \


Nodes set unmanged at discovery are described in the Configuration Guide.


Bill Evans
Tivoli NetView Support for DOE

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Netview 7.1.3 FP2 SOLARIS 2.8

Hi Folks,

I have created a seed file for Node Discovery.

After Discovery is completed (I assume after 5 days for about 1500 Nodes)

I have noticed the following:

1-       Some Nodes are blue in RO Maps, but I can Ping them

2-       Some Nodes have the "Unmanaged" Status in RW Maps, but I can ping them or launch "Demand Poll" no problem, but the status remains the same (unmanaged or Unknown)


Q1: Can anyone explain to me what is going wrong?

Q2: can anyone explain to me how to fix this ...



Thank You,


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Thank You,

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