Re: [nv-l] RFI : meaning of "Interface has no connectivity in unreachable region" ?

2003-08-08 13:05:32
Subject: Re: [nv-l] RFI : meaning of "Interface has no connectivity in unreachable region" ?
From: Stephen Hochstetler <shochste AT us.ibm DOT com>
To: "Philippe Menard" <PME AT fr.ibm DOT com>, nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 12:05:03 -0500

I am going to take a shot at this....and let Paul or someone else let me
know if this is wrong.    RFI is suppose to reduce the number of
IBM_NVIDWN_EV being send when a whole subnet is not pingable by NetView.
How does NetView know this....simply by NetView knowing all the router
interfaces in a particular subnet.    When NetView sees all the Router
interfaces down in a single subnet, NetView is smart enough to know it will
not be able to ping any computers in that subnet...so it stops polling the
computers.   But it still pings the router interfaces waiting for them to
come back up.

Case 1:  The interface is down.    No known impact to other
nodes/interfaces is known.   If this is from a router, then NetView must be
able to ping other router interfaces in that subnet yet.

Case 2:  The interface is down.   Since NetView is suppose to stop pinging
computers in an unreachable region, then this must be coming from the
router interface that signifies that ALL router interfaces are down in that
subnet (unreachable region).    I would say that this reported "problem"
should have higher priority than case 1, since a whole region of the
network is affected.

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NV 7.1.3, AIX 4.3.3

I have realized that the IBM_NVIDWN_EV event (EID = nv6000, specific =
58916867) is now used in (at least) two cases :
1- the usual Interface Down event with a description such as "Interface
Ethernet0 down."
2- the RFI event with a description such as "Interface Ethernet0 has no
connectivity in unreachable region"

Please could someone explain the meaning of the second event.
Is it OK to consider this event as a plain "Interface Down" event ? (as
suggested by the reuse of the trap)

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