Re: [nv-l] SNMP V2 from the command line?

2003-08-05 22:21:48
Subject: Re: [nv-l] SNMP V2 from the command line?
From: John Bruer <ad572 AT yahoo DOT com>
To: "Westphal, Raymond W" <Raymond.W.Westphal AT erac DOT com>
Date: 05 Aug 2003 21:24:37 -0500
"Westphal, Raymond W" <Raymond.W.Westphal AT erac DOT com> writes:

> NetView 7.1.3 on AIX 5.2
> We are getting ready to manage some new network devices. The MIBs are SNMP
> V2. Is there a way to perform snmpgets of V2 MIB objects from the Unix (AIX)
> command line?

Yes--just try it to see if it works--it very well may.  Though
Netview's /usr/OV/bin/snmpget uses v1 PDU's in its communications, all
standards compliant v2 agents are obliged to repond to v1 snmpgets
appropriately with v1 responses.  In my experience, this compatibility
will get you a long way.  (This incidentally is also why netviews data
collections and thresholds tool can poll many v2 mib elements once you
get over the hump of manually specifying the OID in snmpCol.conf).

The only limitation you might encounter is if you are polling a mib
variable that is of a datatype that is unique to snmpv2 such as
counter64 and such goodies.

In the event NetView's snmpget doesn't get you where you need to go,
you may be interested in the free net-snmp distribution
http://www.net-snmp.org/ which includes an snmpget that you can throw
all sorts of flags to have it poll in v1 v2 or v3 format as you wish.

Best Regards, 

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