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2003-08-03 23:13:20
Subject: Re: [nv-l] RE: Switch Analyzer
From: "kent robinson" <robinsonkent AT hotmail DOT com>
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Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 21:12:47 -0600
We migrated from another network management system to NV / Switch Analyzer. Easy justification for us on correlation, discovery, etc. (Solaris 2.8/NV 7.1.3/SA 1.2.1 - ~300 routers & ~ 200 switches -mostly Cisco/Nortel mix). I clicked on the discovery report and got the information that Mark referenced. The last version is what we really needed (VLAN additional support). We just integrated into TEC, which is run by another group. Our other network management system approach was crashing TEC with too many events and we couldn't keep up with the changes with our other NMS.

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:50:08 -0500
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
From: Allie M Moran <allie AT lsu DOT edu>
Subject: Re: [nv-l] RE: Switch Analyzer
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Is "Ditto" too short of a message????  I'd hate to repeat everything you
said, so that will have to do.

Allie Moran
Office of Computing Services
Louisiana State University

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We're not using Switch Analyzer but we did take a look at it on a test
system.  For the $$$$$$$ the usefulness wasn't there and the per port
pricing was a disincentive.  The current version does see VLANs other than
default but the only devices you can see in the other VLANs are MANAGED
devices in Netview.  We were hoping it would show at least IP address & MAC
of connected devices, especially if someone had hung a hub off one of our
switch ports.  Nope.

I can see where it would be useful in a totally flat, switched network, but
we have lots of routers and few devices behind critical switch ports.

FWIW, Switch Analyzer is OEM'd from an outfit called Magnum Technologies.

Mark Scherting
State of Montana
Information Technology Services Division

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:26:41 -0500
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
From: "Alan E. Hennis" <Hennis_Alan_E AT cat DOT com>
Subject: Switch Analyzer
<OF963E42FD.BE04C831-ON86256D65.00548BCA-86256D65.0054D77A AT cis.cat DOT com>

Can anyone on the list comment on Switch Analyzer? We are interested in
using it but it seems to have serious limitations. I have scanned the
archive and found some info but would like some live input from people who
are really using it. Specifically I am interested in the limitations on

Alan E. Hennis
Caterpillar Inc.
Systems+Process Division
hennis_alan_e AT cat DOT comA

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