[nv-l] MLM snmpv2 support (rephrased)

2002-10-01 15:47:34
Subject: [nv-l] MLM snmpv2 support (rephrased)
From: "Jerald Jackson" <Jerald.Jackson AT bcbsnc DOT com>
To: <nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 15:47:34 -0400

My apologies for the inflammetory remarks contained in the previous message.  
Brian Backer was kind enough to point
me to the list archive to search for a solution.  

What is confusing to me is that most of the solutions seem to involve creating 
an snmpv1 mib file that can be loaded 
via xnmloadmib.  That's very nice, but my question for anyone who might know, 
"Why is snmpv2 not supported in 
MLM and in the snmpagent for TEC?"  When I searched on this subject a few weeks 
ago with regard to the TEC snmpagent
I was told that TEC and NetView were being combined to an unstated degree and 
that the supported path for 
handling snmp traps was NetView.  

Like another post from earlier, I have several DMZ's from which I need to get 
events.  MLM is perfect for this purpose, but
for the lack of snmpv2 support.  

At Planet Tivoli earlier this year I heard one speaker state that "a NetView 
server in each DMZ" was the method of 
choice.  From IBM's perspective, I am sure that is nice, but like the earlier 
post, I haven't that sort of budget.   Another 
suggestion was to place a Linux NetView server in each DMZ.  This however would 
mean adding an additional server
in each DMZ.  I would really prefer to use the AIX management server that we 
already have in each DMZ.  Going to upper
management for more funds to by an extra server for each DMZ, with the sole 
explanation that Tivoli only supports 
the snmpv2 standard on the NetView servers, probably isn't going to fly.

Again, for anyone who is listening from IBM/Tivoli, this is a feature that is 
needed by some of us.


Jerald Jackson

(Again, I do apologize for any offensive remarks earlier.)

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