FW: [nv-l] netmon going down

2002-09-09 11:17:48
Subject: FW: [nv-l] netmon going down
From: "Qureshi, Fawad" <Fawad.Qureshi AT ssa DOT gov>
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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 11:17:48 -0400
Forgot to mention that we have installed the IY30942 and IY30856 efixes. This was done recently and we have not had a chance to see if this does actually helps fix the problem.
Fawad Qureshi
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There is an efix IY30942 - Netmon cores due to memory leak.
You may want to look into this and 7.1.2.
Hope this helps.

"Qureshi, Fawad" <Fawad.Qureshi AT ssa DOT gov>

09/09/2002 09:09 AM

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        Subject:        [nv-l] netmon going down

Netview 7.1.1 on AIX 4.3.3

netmon seems to be going down more then (what I would consider) normal; a
guess would be about 2-5 times per week. We were running a similar
configuration on another box and did not have these frequent netmon
failures. Biggest difference between the two environments being the number
of devices in the seed file (box with no problem has 308 vs. box with
problem has 4800). I am not sure it this is a contributing factor.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Fawad Qureshi

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