RE: [nv-l] where is nvserverd.baroc

2002-09-12 12:11:51
Subject: RE: [nv-l] where is nvserverd.baroc
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FWIW - Netview 7.1.2 Release Notes
"Known Limitations"
#9 - We no longer ship nvserverd.baroc and nvserverd.rls files with IBM
Tivoli Netview Version 7.1.2.  They are no longer necessary with the new
enhanced integration between IBM Tivoli Netview and IBM Tivoli Enterprise

... more

... more

Hope this helps,

Jason Allison
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The NetView  administrator's guide 7.1 states:

"The default event class for these [NV] events is Nvserverd_Event. The
class definition is
contained in the /usr/OV/conf/nvserverd.baroc file. The Tivoli
administrator must
import the event class into the current rule base after the tecad_ov.baroc,
root.baroc, and tec.baroc event classes."

1) I  have no .baroc files in /usr/OV/conf (or indeed anywhere on the
NetView server)

In Tivoli NetView Release Notes V7.1 it states:

"The Tivoli Event Console integration functions previously packaged in the
Tivoli Integration Pack for NetView (TIPN) are now incorporated in the
base NetView package. These functions include the ability to display TEC
events from the NetView user interface and create TEC events groups
based on NetView SmartSet membership. Both the Tivoli Management
Framework and the TEC Console must be installed on the NetView server
for these functions to work."

2) Both T/EC console and TMF are installed on the NetView Server. How are
these functions implemented?

Any clues anyone?

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