RES: [nv-l] NetView and TEC rules for detection of highly unstabl e link

2002-08-29 06:57:24
Subject: RES: [nv-l] NetView and TEC rules for detection of highly unstabl e link
From: Marcos Antonio Pezzutti Filho <pezzutti AT banespa.com DOT br>
To: "'anand anupam'" <ananda AT bharatpetroleum DOT com>, nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 07:57:24 -0300
First of all, you can implement a repeat counter rule in your rule base at T/EC, then it will be generated one event at the first time, after that the repeat counter is gonna be incremented.
Besides that, you can configure a rule-set or a script (in Netview) to filter the exceed messages.
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De: anand anupam [mailto:ananda AT bharatpetroleum DOT com]
Enviada em: Thursday, August 29, 2002 01:28
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Assunto: [nv-l] NetView and TEC rules for detection of highly unstable link

We are running NetView 6.0.2 on AIX 4.3.3 which is being integrated with TEC(3.7).
We are sending all (a) up/down events (b) reliability and (c) CRC error of all the links to TEC which correlates the events based on some logic and subsequently sends the notification alerts as well as automatically open trouble tickets(TT) in TSD.
Our problem is that, some link which becomes highly unstable( for some reason) sends so many events on TEC and TEC sends  excess mails and opens excess trouble tickets.
The exiting logic on TEC is to hold any down event for 5 minutes and if up event comes within 5 minutes then it neutralizes it otherwise it sends notification mails and open TT in TSD. Our purpose is not solved based on this logic for highly unstable links.
Initially, we tried hard to have some rulesets on NetView itself( before TEC)  but even after following PMRs it did not solved the issue and it was decided to address this at TEC level.
Can some one suggest some better logic to take care of this scenario? Is some extra events from routers has to be passed on to TEC from NetView? Just to mention that NetView is already having performance issue and we are less interested to stress it any more.
Looking forward from you guys please.


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