Re: [nv-l] trapgend as a "trap throttle"

2002-01-28 15:06:54
Subject: Re: [nv-l] trapgend as a "trap throttle"
From: "James Shanks" <jshanks AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:06:54 -0500

The throttle only applies to traps which trapgend generates himself.  He is not a trap receiver.

Trapgend can be configured to generate a trap for any system event which occurs in the AIX syslog.
If the system has a problem, say with a disk or a trap drive, and starts writing error messages about it to the syslog every second,  you probably would not want to see every one show up as a trap in trapd.log or in the events window.  But you might want to see the first one, and one every minute thereafter, as long as the problem continued.  That's what the default throttle of one minute is for, to keep trapgend from flooding trapd with useless info.  But if you don't configure those kind of events, or don't have them much, or don't care, you can lower the throttle to 1 second, its lowest level.   You could always adjust back up again or ovstop trapgend if you have a problem you need to fix.  

James Shanks
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"Westphal, Raymond" <RWestphal AT erac DOT com>

01/28/2002 02:23 PM

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Hello Everyone.

NV 6.0.3 on AIX 4.3.3 with ML9                

I read that trapgend "provides a trap throttle to suppress identical trap
generation, ....". Can someone provide some guidance on the trapgend -c
(throttle time) setting? Is there any adverse affect to changing it from the


Ray Westphal
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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