RE: [nv-l] MIB & snmpcollect

2002-01-22 11:56:10
Subject: RE: [nv-l] MIB & snmpcollect
From: "Hampel, Paul E" <paul.hampel AT eds DOT com>
To: "'jmfrancoz AT soluziona DOT com'" <jmfrancoz AT soluziona DOT com>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:56:10 -0500
NetView xnmcollect GUI will not allow GAUGE32 type variables to be
configured because it is from SNMPv2. cpmCPUTotal5min mib variable is
actually a MIBv2 variable. The cisco-process-mib-v1smi.mib file you loaded
is a converted SNMPv2 to SNMPv1 format. You can add SNMPv2 mib variables
manually. You add them to the /usr/OV/conf/snmpCol.conf file (make sure you
make a backup copy). I believe they changed this in version 7.1 NV.

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Subject: [nv-l] MIB & snmpcollect

Hi list:

Trying to configure a new monitoring Mib using snmpcollect service when I
select (for example) the cpmCPUTotal5min mib variable, which belongs to MIB
file cisco-process-mib-v1smi.mib, the windouw interfase not allowed me
neither APPLY nor OK buttons. For this reason I can´t test this variable.

Someone knows the solution of the problem?? . By the way, I haven´t any
problem using others variables of anothers MIB file.

Thank you very much:


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