Re: Netview 6 and duplicated addresses discovery

2002-01-07 23:17:05
Subject: Re: Netview 6 and duplicated addresses discovery
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 23:17:05 -0500
I see this a lot, mostly with the Cabletron hubs. While defining the
interface as an intentional duplicate (%) helps, you will still see it
moved from
device to device every time you start netmon. In addition, that second
usually causes the device to be promoted from a hub to a router, which
up the IP Internet level of the map.

What  I have taken to doing is defining them in oid_to_type with flag 'I',
ignore, which treats them as non-snmp. This means that they will not
be polled for addresses after the initial discovery. Then I put them in
oid_to_sym so they get the right picture (normally they would get the
default hub picture by virtue of the 'H' flag in oid_to_type). There are
some negative aspects to this use of  the 'I' flag, but that's what it is
there for, I think.


Leslie A. Clark
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try to put the following entry in your seedfile:
and restart netmon.

Although %-entries are meant to identify HSRP interfaces
it should also work for your "duplicate" IP addresses.

Kind regards

Oliver Bruchhaeuser
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Hi forumers,

Platform :
Netview 6.02
Tru64 UNIX 4.0F

Since we migrated to Netview 6 (we were formerly using 5.1.3), we are
having some problems for
discovering some of the network equipment's (Digital/Cabletron Hubs,
repeaters, concentrators and
Although declared in the seed.file, the hubs and some of the repeaters and
concentrators are not
discovered by netmon. When forcing discovery (loadhost command), they
temporarly appear in topology
database (ovtopodump) but are removed from it when ipmap tries to create
associated symbols. After
analysis, it seems to be linked with configuration of the OBM (Out Band
Management) port on those
equipment, which have all been declared with the same [email protected] ( This
port is used to connect a
laptop running the ClearVISN configuration tool, and it seems easier for
hardware installation
people to have a the same @ on this port for all the equipment they want to
connect to their laptop.
Those equipment are configured with other interfaces (on Ethernet and FDDI
networks) so as to
directly access them from the NNM. They are discovered through those
interfaces, but then the OBM
interface is also discovered (I have not seen any way to prevent it).
I have seen that discovery algorithm had changed between releases 5 and 6,
and that duplicated @ was
causing some problem for the discovery, but is there any configuration
mean, any netmon parameter
that would allow Netview 6 to cope with that?

Thanks for your help

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