Changing Object Status

2001-12-28 16:01:04
Subject: Changing Object Status
From: "Paul Sandler" <paul AT swebs DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 13:01:04 -0800
I am using NV 5.1.3 on AIX.  I need to be able to change the status of 
an object to reflect the status of an application running on a Unisys 
Mainframe.  The SNMP agent in the Unisys has a MIB variable I can poll, 
but I have been unable to make the 58916871 trap alter the color of the 
icon.  As I read further in the Admin manual, the object status does 
not actually change in the database if I do get the trap to work so 
this may not solve my problem.  I must forward the status change to 
NetView/390, which I believe will require the status to change in the 
NV/AIX db.

First, I have been able to configure snmptrap to create an event, but 
not change the color of the icon.  This is something I would like to 
figure out, although it may be academic.  I'm using a script that James 
wrote up in this forum a while back for using trap 58916871.

How can I actually change the status of an manually created object in 
the database?  Is anyone monitoring a MIB variable to change the status 
of a manually created icon?  I created a software icon to represent my 
mainframe application.  There were a few archive items that talked 
about doing this, but the item was not complete enough for me to 
reproduce the task.


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