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2001-12-19 09:21:14
Subject: Re: Change layout for locations created by location.conf
From: donald.turrentine AT amsouth DOT com
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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 08:21:14 -0600

I needed this functionality as well.  I took a suggestion from Leslie Clark
on this.  She suggested that I go to the particular submap that I want to
have as row/column layout, select all objects and then cut from this submap
only, turnoff automatic layout for this submap, then paste the objects back
into the submap.  They will show up in the New Object Holding area for that
particular submap.  You can select a group of the sites at a time and
create your own row/column layout.  A bit tedious but it does work.  In my
case it was better since I needed the items in alphabetical/numerical


Don Turrentine
AmSouth Bank

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I am using location.conf without problem. But I´d like to some locations be

created in row/column layout. It always create my locations (Site and
Site2) in
PointToPoint layout.
For example,
Main_Net   0    Site
City_A      0    Site2   Main_Net
Office_01  x.y.z  Room   City_A
Office_02  x.y.k  Room   City_A

I´d like the City_A submap presents the Room objects in a row/column
I have a lot of Room locations in this level and the PointToPoint view give
big circle with very small icons.

I tried to change the /usr/OV/symbols/C/Location with a DefaultLayout set
rowcolumn in the Site2 subclass. After I made a netview -config and create
new map. No success. Am I missing something or this is not possible at all?
The workaround was create a SmartSet with the Locations. But I need web
consoles with the scope of only this Locations. I think I cannot use
in web consoles.

The enviroment is AIX 4.3.3 and Netview 7.1

Thanks in advance for your help,
Helder Luiz Garcia
Engenheiro de Sistemas

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