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2001-12-17 18:43:34
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I have nothing scientific to base my assumption on. I'm monitoring top or
topas which is included in AIX 4.3.3. I suspect we are CPU bound because of
the decreased application performance and markedly less CPU idle time. The
tivolivg volume group is mirrored across 3 disks and the rootvg volume group
is mirrored across 2 disks. I/O wait is not a problem.  I also suspect the
CPU because of the effect adding a SmartSet had on netmon. I also had
problems with SNMP Configuration using the SmartSet selection. nvcold will
consume 25% of the CPU (1 CPU) alone.

Application performance has suffered over the last several months. The only
major change has been increased retries (from 3 to 5). The number of objects
in the database has remained relatively constant (26,xxx). The number of
users has increased slightly to 23 - 27. The paging space usage seems to
indicate a memory leak. PS increases rapidly (and continues to increase)
after 22 users open a map. I hope the 6.0.3 nvlockd fix will take care of


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Ok, I will bite.   Why do you think your machine is CPU bound?   What
performance tools do you have installed?    You have a LOT of horsepower

Are you running software other than NetView on this machine?

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