SNMP Polling

2001-12-17 14:32:37
Subject: SNMP Polling
From: "Kenney, John" <jkenney AT jhancock DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 14:32:37 -0500
We are running NV 6.02 on Solaris 2.6:

We are using SNMP Polling to discover/monitor objects outside a firewall
which restricts ICMP traffic (therefore no Pinging).  I have flagged the
various subnets affected in the seedfile using '$' records.  I have also
implemented a Perl script which uses 'loadhosts' and 'nmdemandpoll' to add
these objects to topology and force initial discovery.

My issue is this:
It seems to take several polling cycles, including the initial demand-poll,
before the objects are correctly represented on the map, i.e. many
interfaces are discovered as 'down' when they are actually 'up' (I check the
MIB).  This will usually clear itself up after a few polling cycles or
repeated demand-polls subsequent to discovery.
Also, when the object icons appear on the map, the 'Status source' parameter
for all the SNMP monitored objects defaults to 'Symbol', where we would
expect these to come up as 'Compound (Propagated)' .  The result of this is
that 'down' conditions on these objects are not propagated to parent
submaps, so you never know there's a problem unless you drill down inside
the affected object (or wait for the trap notifications to show up on the
Tivoli console).  I have to go into each object individually and set this
parameter correctly.  

Anyone else run into this one?  At very least would like to hear of a way to
get around that propagation issue.


Jack Kenney, MCP+I, MCSE
CTS/Enterprise Management Tools
Phone: (617) 572-1031
Email: jkenney AT jhancock DOT com

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