MLM and Firewalls

2001-12-04 13:50:25
Subject: MLM and Firewalls
From: "Kenney, John" <jkenney AT jhancock DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 13:50:25 -0500
This question is based on my fundamental ignorance about how Netview MLM
Here's the scenario:

Our Netview top level manager is Netview 6.0.2.  We need to manage a subnet
of inter-company devices which live on the other side of a firewall which
will pass SNMP traffic but NOT ICMP.  Assume for this argument that we will
never be able to open the firewall for ICMP.  We have a server in this
protected subnet to which we CAN send and receive ICMP traffic, on which we
can install and run MLM v5.0.7.  
My question is this.   If we set up the Top Level NV manager to delegate
discovery and status checking to the MLM, will that be enough to get
sufficient information from the nodes on the protected subnet to populate
the object DB and the map DB on the top-level manager (bearing in mind that
the top-level manager cannot SEE the nodes to ping them)?  i.e. the TLM
cannot do discovery or status checking, nor could it take over as the backup
should there be a problem with the MLM.

Jack Kenney, MCP+I, MCSE
CTS/Enterprise Management Tools
Phone: (617) 572-1031
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