Re: Turning Off TFTP Service

2001-11-21 02:39:37
Subject: Re: Turning Off TFTP Service
From: helmut.schroeder.hs AT bayer-ag DOT de
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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 08:39:37 +0100
Hi Frank,

I don't think that NetView makes use of TFTP services (someone will correct me
if I am wrong).

For advanced TFTP (and other services) security you can use the TCPwrapper:

Cheers - Helmut

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Would turning off the TFTP Service on an AIX box have any effect on Netview?
And does anyone know if TFTP is capable of using an access list to make it
more secure?


Frank J. Ardino III
Sr. Network Management Technical Consultant
Enterprise Systems Management
frank.ardino AT cigna DOT com

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